Among the almost 17,000 senior medical students participating in Match Day were 98 from the Yale School of Medicine. The Yale students were accepted at leading medical centers including Stanford, University of California–San Francisco, Yale–New Haven Hospital, New York Presbyterian Hospital–Columbia, and New York University School of Medicine. As in past years a sizable contingent is heading for Boston—to Beth Israel Deaconess, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, and Massachusetts General Hospital, among others.

A complete list of the residencies follows.

For more on Match Day, you can view this video.


Cahaba Medical Care, Centerville
Olatunde Bosu, Family Medicine


UCLA Medical Center
Rafael Buerba Siller, Orthopaedic Surgery
Wei Gui, Ophthalmology
Eric Kuo, General Surgery
Samantha Lau, Internal Medicine
Alice Li, Anesthesiology
Miles Pfaff, Plastic Surgery
Christopher Sauer, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Chenyang Wang, Radiation Oncology
Bingnan Zhang, Internal Medicine

University of Southern California, Los Angeles
David Choi, Dermatology
Nathan Tu, Otolaryngology

University of California, Irvine
Philip Chui, Internal Medicine
Amy Moreno, Medicine-Preliminary

Stanford University Programs
Alexander Arzeno, Orthopaedic Surgery

University of California, San Diego
Zhe Hou, Dermatology
Timothy Law, General Surgery

University of California, San Francisco
Katherine Chau, Internal Medicine
RuiJun Chen, Internal Medicine
Jacob Izenberg, Psychiatry
Lucinda Liu, Dermatology
Caroline Ong, Internal Medicine
Joseph Patterson, Orthopaedic Surgery
Elizabeth Rawson, Psychiatry

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, San Jose
Chenyang Wang, Transitional

Stanford University Programs
Michelle Chen, Otolaryngology
Asiri Ediriwickrema, Internal Medicine
Jessica Gold, Psychiatry
Graeme Rosenberg, General Surgery
Gloria Sue, Plastic Surgery

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Torrance
David Choi, Transitional
Wei Gui, Transitional


St. Mary’s Hospital Program, Waterbury
Laura Hall, Medicine-Preliminary

University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington
John Ramirez, Pediatrics

Yale-New Haven Hospital
Iris Chandler, Emergency Medicine
Dylan Davey, Surgery-Preliminary
Stephanie Douglas, Plastic Surgery
Hao Feng, Medicine-Preliminary
Marianna Freudzon, Dermatology
Farhaan Hafeez, Medicine-Preliminary
Laura Hall, Ophthalmology
Lauren Hibler, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Laura Huang, Medicine-Preliminary
Alicia Little, Medicine-Preliminary, Dermatology
Elise Liu, Internal Medicine
Charisse Mandimika, Internal Medicine / Primary
Leisel Martin, Psychiatry
Alexander Marzuka, Medicine-Preliminary
Nicole McNeer, Pediatrics
Maria Perez, Pediatrics
Ameya Save, Orthopaedic Surgery
Irina Shklyar, Medicine-Preliminary
Jordan Sloshower, Psychiatry
Caroline Walker, Anesthesiology
Margaret Whicker, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Qing Yang, Transitional
Mikell Yuhasz, Transitional


Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami
Farhaan Hafeez, Dermatology

University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville
Ethan Dean, Orthopaedic Surgery


Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago
Oluwarotimi Nettey, Urology

University of Chicago Medical Center
Elyssa Berg, Emergency Medicine

University of Illinois College of Medicine
Jorge Ramallo, Medicine / Pediatrics


Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore
Jessica Berger, Pediatrics / Anesthesiology


Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston
Irina Shklyar, Neurology
Robert Stretch, Internal Medicine
Daniel Wong, General Surgery

Boston University Medical Center
Haben Kefella, Medicine-Preliminary, Ophthalmology

Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston
Feras Akbik, Medicine-Preliminary/Neurology
Dinah Foer, Internal Medicine
Vivek Kulkarni, Internal Medicine
Kaysia Ludford, Internal Medicine
Daniel Weisberg, Internal Medicine / Primary

Brigham & Women’s Hospital / Children’s Hospital of Boston
Anne Beckett, Medicine / Pediatrics
Siobhan Case, Medicine / Pediatrics

Brigham & Women’s Hospital / Massachusetts General Hospital
Feras Akbik, Neurology
Ellen Vollmers, Emergency Medicine

Children’s Hospital of Boston
Gal Ben-Josef, Pediatrics

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
Alexandra Adler, Anesthesiology
Jason Bae, Internal Medicine
Neel Butala, Internal Medicine
Dhruv Khullar, Internal Medicine
Stephanie Meller, Internal Medicine
Aniruddh Patel, Internal Medicine
Brooks Udelsman, General Surgery
Qing Yang, Anesthesiology

Cambridge Health Alliance Program
Alexandra Adler, Transitional
Michael Alpert, Psychiatry
Maria Nardell, Internal Medicine / Primary


University of Michigan Hospitals, Ann Arbor
Garth Strohbehn, Internal Medicine


Albany Medical Center
Matthew Garner, General Surgery

Albert Einstein College / Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx
Sabrina Khan, Internal Medicine

Hospital for Special Surgery / Cornell Medical Center Program
Michael Fu, Orthopaedic Surgery

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Susan Maya, Internal Medicine / Primary
Lauren Wiznia, Medicine-Preliminary

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center New York
Marianna Freudzon, Transitional
Zhe Hou, Transitional

New York Presbyterian Hospital – Columbia
Kathleen Fenn, Internal Medicine
Benjamin Margolis, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Brian Wayda, Internal Medicine

New York Presbyterian Hospital – Cornell
Peter Hashim, Plastic Surgery

New York University School of Medicine, New York
Hao Feng, Dermatology
Conor Grady, Neurosurgery
Lauren Wiznia, Dermatology
Mikell Yuhasz, Diagnostic Radiology


Duke University Medical Center, Durham
Theresa Williamson, Neurosurgery


Ohio State University Medical Center, Columbus
Maria Koenigs, Otolaryngology


Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Mark Mai, Pediatrics

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Jennifer Fieber, General Surgery
Daniel Lu, Internal Medicine


Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville
Nataly Sumarriva, Psychiatry


The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston
Amy Moreno, Radiation Oncology

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Program, Dallas
Alexander Marzuka, Dermatology


University of Washington Affiliated Hospitals, Seattle
Sabiha Barot, Emergency Medicine


Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals Program, Milwaukee
Lucinda Liu, Pediatrics-Preliminary


Residency in Israel
Molly Weiner, Oncology