End Note

Art and the human body

During a week in June visitors to the Yale School of Art’s Green Gallery were treated to glass representations of the human anatomy, everything from wombs to gall bladders including this depiction of human fat. The exhibit, “Looking In,” was assembled by physicians, glass artists, and Reintegrate: Enhancing Collaborations in the Arts and Sciences and coincided with New Haven’s annual International Festival of Arts & Ideas.

The exhibit closed with a talk by David Yuh, M.D., professor and chief of cardiac surgery at the School of Medicine, a member of the doctor/artist team. Others on the team included medical student Lucinda Liu; G. Kenneth Haines III, M.D., associate professor of pathology; and glass artists Michael Skrtic and Daryl Smith, a scientific glassblower in Yale’s chemistry department. Sinclaire Marber, a student at Yale College, curated the exhibit.

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