Brian Paul Leaderer MPH

Susan Dwight Bliss Professor of Epidemiology (Environmental Health) and Professor of Forestry And Environmental Studies; Co-Director, Yale Center for Perinatal, Pediatric and Environmental Epidemiology


Dr. Leaderer’s research over the past three decades has been interdisciplinary in nature, focusing on assessing exposures to air contaminants, found indoors and outdoors, and assessing the health impact resulting from those exposures in epidemiological studies of sensitive at risk populations. Within the context of assessing exposures, Dr. Leaderer’s work includes assessing emissions from sources, developing monitoring methods and applying modeling techniques (CMAQ modeling, traffic models, land use, satellite data, etc.) to better assess the temporal and spatial distribution of pollutant concentrations and in formulating strategies to assess exposures in epidemiologic studies. Dr. Leaderer is/has been the PI on several large epidemiology-based exposure R01-funded studies focusing on the role of air contaminants on the respiratory health of children, with particular attention to their role in the development of asthma and asthma severity, pregnant women and pregnancy outcomes.

Dr. Leaderer is the Susan Dwight Bliss Professor and Deputy Dean of the Yale School of Public Health, Vice-Chair of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health in the Yale School of Medicine, Professor of Forestry and Environmental Studies and Co-Director of the Yale Center for Perinatal, Pediatric and Environmental Epidemiology (CPPEE).

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