Committed virologist, veteran of the Chinese Civil War

Committed virologist, veteran of the Chinese Civil War

She survived a decade of brutal war in China, then came to Yale and helped revolutionize the field of virology

With a powerful combination of grace and steely determination, Gueh-Djen (Edith) Hsiung, PhD, professor emerita of laboratory science, became a pioneer in her chosen field of diagnostic virology. During her long career, Hsiung became known for her uncanny ability to detect and characterize viruses, and became one of the first women to achieve the rank of professor at the Yale School of Medicine.Hsiung’s path to the laboratory bears the marks of history. She was born in Hubei, China, in 1918, and planned to go to medical school until World War II closed the Beijing school. Instead, she began work testing bacterial and viral vaccines for use in animals at a government facility in Lanzhou. From these early days...


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