World War I sacrifices for a greater good

World War I sacrifices for a greater good

Government posters urged Americans to save food for troops and for civilians in war-torn Europe.

The image is haunting: against a background of imploring children with outstretched arms, a gaunt woman cradles an infant in one arm and holds a little girl close with the other. Although it looks like a museum-worthy work of art, this picture on a World War I poster exhorted viewers, “Don’t waste food while others starve!”One week after entering the war in April 1917, the U.S. government established a Committee on Public Information (CPI) to involve the nation in the war effort. The committee’s materials included a poster campaign designed to help the U.S. Food Administration, headed by Herbert Hoover, in its drive to feed the troops and ensure an adequate food supply for the civilian population at home and...


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