Jessica Illuzzi MD

Associate Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences; Section Chief, Laborists and Midwifery; Medical Director, Obstetrics, Vidone Birthing Center, St. Raphael Campus, YNHH; Director of Medical Studies, Obstetrics and Gynecology; Director of Electives, Yale School of Medicine


Dr. Illuzzi is the Section Chief of our new Obstetric and Midwifery section as well as the Medical Director of the Vidone Birthing Center at the St. Raphael Campus of Yale-New Haven Hospital, the home of a collaborative faculty practice of obstetricians and certified nurse midwives who provide individualized care,supporting physiologic birth, vaginal birth after cesarean and family-centered cesarean. Dr. Illuzzi is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and completed her OB/GYN residency here at Yale-New Haven Hospital. In 2004, she was named a Women’s Reproductive Health Research Scholar supported by a career development grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Development. In 2006, she completed a Master of Science degree in Epidemiology at the Yale School of Graduate Studies. Dr. Illuzzi’s research examines the use of obstetric interventions and their impact on maternal and neonatal outcomes, especially among low risk women. Topics include prophylaxis to prevent vertical transmission of group B streptococcus, innovative models of maternity care, and safe prevention of primary cesarean delivery. In addition to her research, Dr. Illuzzi also serves as Director of Medical Studies in Obstetrics and Gynecology; she regularly lectures, leads seminars, and is actively involved in curriculum design with strong emphasis on evidence-based teaching in reproductive health.

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