Every so often someone will offer an idea for an article or a comment about a piece they read in “the journal,” meaning Yale Medicine. Along with my thanks, I usually note that Yale Medicine is more journalism than journal, a magazine rather than a medical tome. This is an important distinction in academia, where the peer-reviewed scrutiny and serious aims
of scientific publishing reflect one set of core values.

We’re a slightly different animal. Our primary goal is to keep alumni in touch with each other and informed about the work and scholarship that goes on here. Our objective is to be intriguing to a wide audience and still relevant to each of our readers, whose interests run the gamut from structural biology to the history of medicine. As cartoonist Sidney Harris observes below, what one subspecialist finds hopelessly general may be incomprehensible to another learned person. It is our intent to bridge that gap in a way that readers will find engaging.

We hope you’ll let us know how we’re doing. As this issue went to press, we received some welcome feedback from the Association of American Medical Colleges, which honored Yale Medicine with its highest level of recognition, the Award of Excellence. Also this issue, we are completing the final phase of the magazine’s redesign. I appreciate the suggestions we’ve received along the way and hope you like the result.